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I've been slowly getting my semester grades. I had two, an A in A&P 1 and an A in Medical Terminology. I was excited because so far I had a 4.0 and I was pretty sure I was getting an A in... Read More

  1. by   Kina21
    so far I've gotten an A in AP1 so I'm hoping my good study habits and some previous knowledge carries over to this summer for AP2. Micro is what I'm terrified of...
  2. by   chococroissant
    Heya Kina21! you're not alone and its not pathetic! Happens to me all the time! Last semester, I got all As (Dev Psych, Pol Sci, Statistics) except for a writing intensive course which i got a B in! Totally dragged down my gpa. This sem, Im getting all As too (AP2 and Nutrition) except in my English class where, even if I bust my ass for the final paper, I'll probably get a B+ at best.

    Hmmm... something about English classes... And heck it totally bites!!!! And until now, i feel absolutely terrible about those Bzzzzzz! You know what else, it sucks coz you cant exactly "complain"as much... esp when most people are happy just crusin by whereas you expect As for yourself! And I dont cut myself some slack too!!!! I beat myself about it! LOL! so, you're not alone! To tell you the truth, there was a time when if I got an A but i was bordering near a B+, id feel totally upset thinking i should have gotten a higher number grade (even if its the same letter)! And it seems like a terrible thing to feel bad about right? But what can you do?
  3. by   Jeannai
    how was med. term. im taking it this summer. am i crazy for doing it in the summer? those are wonderful grades dont be so bummed over the b.
  4. by   Kina21
    I thought it was really easy and gave a lot of insight to A&P classes and also made those diseases and conditions all make sense. I found that once you got the root, prefix and suffix parts, the rest of it all just sorta falls in place. What book are you using? How long is the class? Let me know how it goes! Good luck!