Aight folks, its a course content question...HELP

  1. Talking a/p I here.

    3 professors- all at same school- all have now had the SAME amount of lectures

    prof #1 skimmed chapter 1, spent a lot of time on last 1/2 of chapter 2 (chemistry) and is on chapter 3

    Prof #2 still on chapter 1,

    Prof #3, did chapter 1, is SKIPPING chapter 2, and is on chapter 3

    HUH? Does this seem odd to anyone else?

    I have a quiz on monday for chap 1-3 but 2/3 of the other students, haven't even done chapter 2 or 3.....whats up with that/

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  3. by   NurCrystal22
    Hey, don't worry about the other students. Worry about you. The content your professor is going over is what he/she thinks is important for you to know. So... concentrate on the notes, and concentrate on those sections of the book. Ask your teacher if you will be responsible for knowing sections not covered directly in class. I'm in Adv Phys, and my teacher skips ALL over the book and doesn't finish portions of each chapter but our tests reflect the notes she gives us and the sections of reading the correspond to them. I guess it's pretty common.

  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    My A&P class skipped over the first 3 chapters because the info in those chapters should have been covered in BIO and Chem.
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    We hit a few major topics of chapter 1, skipped the chemistry chapter (2), and mainly started with chapter 3.

    So, nothing wrong there.

    Good luck to you!