Afraid I won't get into ABSN program after college..?

  1. I'm currently a junior Healthcare Risk Management major at Temple University. I wanted to pursue my nursing degree earlier this year, but since I'm already halfway done with college, I figure I might as well complete my BBA and then apply into second degree nursing/absn programs after graduation.

    The thing is, I'm just worried about what happens if I don't get accepted. What do I do from there? My current GPA isn't the greatest (although I'm planning on getting it up to a 3.5 by graduation) and I just started taking my nursing prereqs.

    Even if I do achieve decent grades, I know that's far from enough. Wouldn't I also need RELATIVE experience? I mean, keep in mind that I only planned on going into nursing earlier this year - this means that my entire college career, I've been involved in things that only concerned my risk management degree (I worked as an administrative assistance since freshman year, joined accounting clubs, etc). I have no medical experience whatsoever, and that worries me

    I do plan on becoming CNA certified this summer and hopefully working part-time as CNA while I'm school. Any other suggestions for what else I can do to increase my likelihood of getting into an absn program?

    The programs I'm looking into right now are West Chester's and Penn State Harrisburgs. If anyone has ANY info regarding them, please share!
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