Advice would be wonderful :)

  1. Im freaking out, probably when I shouldnt be. But.. here goes! Questions are:

    What colleges and universites in the EAST U.S do you recommend that offer ASN/ADN.

    I am in florida, and there are NO universities or colleges that offer ASN/ADN.
    I am 18 and plan on hopefully starting nursing school Fall 2007.
    I still have to take my ACT/SAT before I start school. I am in school now for MA, and I am going to start taking gen eds before fall, so I can get the ball rolling.
    * Im trying to avoid community colleges, since Im still young Id like to get "the college experience"- dorm, and all that.*

    Any advice??
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  3. by   CuriousMe
    Sorry, I'm out I don't know of any schools. I responded though because it seems you're asking for two different things. You want a two year degree.....but I think the college experience you're looking for is more of a four year school kind of thing. Even if they're not CC's, most two year schools are more of a commuter school kind of thing....well, I don't know of any two year schools that are heavily dorm based.

    As you said, this is your first time through there a reason you don't want a BSN? You're could just go for it ( you know that there's really only a year of school difference between the two programs?). If you wanted to go further later on and go for a MSN, you would have that choice without backtracking.

    Just my .02....good luck on your selection process!:spin:

  4. by   arciedee
    There are some two-year colleges out there that do offer the "college experience" including dorm life, etc. One of our state CCs has that (but only one). Unfortunately our community colleges also have the highest tuition costs of any in the country, so...

    Edited to add: I do agree with Cathie, though. Why not go for the BSN now if you're looking for the college experience? It might work out better for you with taking pre-reqs, etc.
  5. by   MB37
    I think ADN programs are generally at community colleges, at least the only ones that I know of here in Florida. I agree with the others, have you considered BSN programs? I go to USF in Tampa, and while I don't live in one, they definitely have residence halls. Do you want to stay in Orlando or move a little further away from home? UCF offers a BSN as well...