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  1. Here goes...after some soul searching and a few defining moments in the last year and a half I have decided to make a career change from teaching into nursing...Although some of the posts here have got me a little nervous; not enough to sway me away though. I received my Bachelor's degree in '99 in Psych/and English..My advice that I am asking is a two parter:

    Upon first contacting a few RN Nursing programs I was told the pre-requisites I would need to take were Microbiology/Anatomy and Physiology I &II. Does this sound about right? As far as course work admissions counselors are looking at, what do they scrutinize? GPA what do they look for? Mine wasn't a 4.0, it wasn't too far south of that either.

    Part two: I currently live in Northern New Jersey, any advice as far as programs to look at? Do hospitals scrutinize the programs that you go through..when you apply for positions with them?

    Thank you any advice is much appreciated!
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  3. by   rbytsdy
    Those pre-reqs sound right to me. As long as you have a degree already, you should have the English/Psych/Sociology courses.

    There is a NJ Nurses forum where you could probably get more info about specific programs. Good luck!
  4. by   rookierunner9
    Thank you!