ACT testing. Help!! I need a jump start!!

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me in my ACT studies. I know i should be doing practice tests, which i am, started 1 week ago. The test is about 3and half month from now. I need to learn as much as i can!! Please! if there's any tip besides just "doing all the practice tests in the books" it will help!! I need to get at least a 32 on this test!! so far, my first practice test had like a 24, which is so far off!!!

    Please help!!

    Thank you so very much, you may have changed my life :spin: thank you ^^ !!
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    Go buy one of the study guides...they usually come with a video of how to sort out the vocabulary, etc.

    When I took the ACT/SAT's 20 years ago, they didn't have any of that. I was considering apply to a nursing program that had both, so I got a study guide and made alot of discoveries that I wished I had known back then.
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    Look at the scores you are getting on the practice tests to identify your weak areas, then use study guides and high school textbooks to review those subjects. It would be to your benefit to learn to use the test-taking strategies suggested in the ACT prep books. Taking practice tests can be helpful in pointing out areas that need improvement and getting you used to taking the test, but you won't improve your scores significantly unless you do a lot of independent study. I spent several hours a day for months preparing for the ACT and only raised my composite score 2 or 3 points over my initial practice test, but it was enough to get the score I wanted.
    My weak area was math. I hadn't taken a math class in 25 years and had retained very little. I had to re-learn everything, starting with the basics. I used Clif math review books and found them to be very helpful and also relied on my mathematically gifted family members to explain concepts that I didn't understand.
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    thanks for moving it for me.

    wow a vid? i'll check it out.

    i'll try my best!