Accepted and terrified!

  1. I just found out on the phone today that I'm starting nursing school next month! I was number 10 on the waiting list. They sent out a letter with the info I need apparently so until it comes I'm kind of in the dark for what to do to prepare or registering or anything at all! I'm also terrified! I guess that's normal though right? I can do this right? Lol...

    Thanks for any calming words!
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  3. by   pandorasbox


    CONGRATULATIONS! That is a huge stepping stone, getting accepted to nursing school!!! The nerves you are feeling are completely normal. Try to relax (easier said than done, I know....) and revel in the moment of hearing the words, "you've been accepted" Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!

    I'm waiting right now to see if I get accepted so I'm a bundle of nerves for that reason..... But....I guess another advise I would give you is to try to get your life in order prior to starting school. Just anything that needs to get done that you haven't done already (i.e. file income tax return, organize your closet, visit know what I mean..... )

    CONGRATULATIONS again...... I don't know you, but I'm happy for you!!!!!

  4. by   DaniGrrl
    Congratulations! I'm terrified too.
  5. by   WaitingInNJ
    That's great news! Being terrified is what I would call a high class problem!

    Here's a hint: write on a list of what terrifies you...doesn't matter what it is or how silly it might be. When you're done, study each item and figure out what you can do to conquer that specific fear. Is it math? Do a little extra studying between now and school. Anatomy--review your notes.

    You'll do great! FYI--I just found out I'm staring nursing school in September. I'm worried about being overwhelmed so betwee now and then I'm taking the non-nurse course, testing out when I can (CLEP tests). Then I can concentrate on the nursing courses.

    Have fun with it.