Accelerated BSN Programs, How Competitive Are They Really?

  1. Hello All,

    I am in the process of applying to several Accelerated BSN programs and I was hoping that those of you who have attended or been accepted into an Accelerated BSN program could possibly post your stats/experience (what programs you got into, GPA, experience, maybe why you think you got in, etc). Also, I would be interested in those of you who are applying to an Accelerated BSN program right now: where you are applying, undergrad GPA, pre-req GPA, any other health/medical experience, etc.

    I graduated with a BS in Ecology and Evolution in 2003 from UC Santa Barbara with an undergrad GPA of 3.4. I am an EMT, a doula, and I volunteer at the birth center at my local community hospital. I aspire to become a nurse-midwife (advanced practice) eventually but would like to get my BSN first and work in a labor and delivery unit as an RN until I feel ready to move up.

    I am applying to Johns Hopkins University, NYU, University of Rochester, University of Southern Maine, Stony Brook University, University of Binghampton and Linfield College.

    :wink2: Thank you to anyone who adds to this thread, I think it could be a good resource!
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  3. by   jesa
    I am applying for the accelerated program in Feb at SJSU. they look at GPA for the last 30 units, a combo of your GPA from science courses, and the TEAS test. If I continue doing well this semester (which is going to be hard -- I'm taking 4 courses for the first tim) I will have a 4.0 GPA for my last 30 credits, my science course GPA is 3.8, and my TEAS test score was a 92.5 (99%) I know last year the GPA went down to 3.8 so I am really going to try to keep that up this semester so I don't have to worry. I have thought about applying to some other schools but this program is one that I commit to a hospital for 2 years and they pay back 24,000 of my loans -- can't pass that up!! GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   jesa
    just wanted to add SJSU does not have any requirements for volunteering or any letter of rec, so I don't have any of that!
  5. by   scoobysnax
    Sorry for my ignorance, what is SJSU?

  6. by   jesa
    HEY you're in Oakland -- you should know!!:wink2: San Jose State University
  7. by   JUBSN
    I am currently in the Accelerated program (semester 2 of 3) and I can tell u that my school is quite competitive. I have an undergrad with a 3.9 and MBA with 3.8 4.0 in pre-reqs and I scored a 96% on the HESI exam and did not make the first cut (stopped wondering what happened!). I was called about 3 weeks before the start of school.
    I can share with you that the program is quite intense and you have to remain focused and committed. The exams are very different from anything I've taken in the past. Clinicals are LONG (2 12hrs day) plus 7 hours of community hours on top of our regular classes. It's a plateful but manageable. Good luck with your endevours!
  8. by   scoobysnax
    Sorry, I just moved here from LA. :wink2:
  9. by   anc33
    Hopkins loves their Cali students. They also have a lot of folks who are really into L&D. Sounds like it might be a good fit. They accept around 150 students into their program so you definitely have a fighting chance.
  10. by   pretyjazz
    I'm currently applying to Accelerated BSN program for both the Summer 2007 and Fall 2007 sessions. I have got into one program thus far but if everything else fall, I will go there. I have an interview at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces in 2 weeks. I have a conditional acceptance with them at this moment. I just mailed out my application to the Universiyt of SOuth Alabama for the Fall semester. I applied to Emory University and Kennesaw State University and I'm waiting to hear from them.

    Before you apply to any Nursing program, you should have applied and be accepted in their University. Get your transcripts together before applying, take all the require immunization too. I'm graduating in May 2007 with a BS in Health Care Administration/Biological Science and a minor in French/Chemistry and my current GPA is a 3.7 and my pre-nursing 3.9. I have worked as a Nurse Assisant for almost 2 years now. I have been a substitute teacher at a local high school for 2 years now. I have done a lot of community service too. I'm also a doula and have assisted in 8 successful births. I want to eventually be a Family NP.

    I believe in hard work cause I have worked and paid my way through college being that I have no parents in the United States. To all those applying or planning on applying to Accelerated BSN programs, please do your homework.
  11. by   Galore
    I'm in FL and have applied to 4 state universities for their 2007 accelerated programs. I have a BS in Business w/ GPA of 3.66 and then I did a year's worth of pre-reqs and have a 4.0 for those. For entrance tests composite scores, I got a 1310 on the GRE, 93 for the TEAS, and 96 for the HESI. No medical/volunteer experience, but I think I made up for this with my essays. UF also required reference letters and a resume. So far, I have received an invitation to interview at one university (they ask 48 people out of about 350 applicants), another person hinted that I had nothing to worry about when I turned in some paperwork in person at another school, and a third school is still trying to verify that I took English 1! (I'm amazed that they can see I have a bachelor's and it's on my transcripts which I had to send twice but they need further proof - not impressed with them at all). Haven't heard anything from the 4th university yet...I'm anxiously awaiting final answers!

    If you email the contact person at the school you're interested in, they'll usually tell you what the average GPA/test scores/etc are and what they're looking for.
  12. by   Freedom42
    At the University of Southern Maine, the numbers tossed around are 280 applicants for 30 seats in Portland and 24 in Lewiston. Admission offers went out in January for the sessions beginning in 2007. I'm not sure what percent of applicants were made offers and what percent actually enroll. My adviser has told me that the attrition rate in the accelerated BSN program -- until 2007, offered only in Portland -- is significant, perhaps 30 percent.
  13. by   Galore
    I got my acceptance notification from FAU today! Looks like they accepted 48 people for this year's program.
  14. by   fleur-de-lis
    Quote from pretyjazz
    To all those applying or planning on applying to Accelerated BSN programs, please do your homework.
    Ditto! Realize that there are really no federal funds (grants) for second bachelor's students, so you'll probably be taking loans or footing the bill yourself. I did not realize this until I was accepted and enrolled in a private accelerated program. Now I'll graduate with about $50,000 in student loan debt, plus the books and stuff I've put on my credit cards. D'oh!:smackingf But, I just started in last May and I'll graduate in August, so I guess I can't complain too much!!!

    My program accepted 20 students, and while they don't tell us the number of applicants, I hear that it is several hundred. We all have pretty high GPA's, but some like me have no experience in healthcare prior to this (My 1st degree was in business). I think my entrance essays helped me get in (I'm known as one of the writers in the group).