accelerated bs to bsn in california

  1. Hi,
    I'm a post-bac changing my career to nursing...
    Does anyone know of an accelerated BS to BSN in Southern California, preferrably around San Bernardino ? By accelerated, I mean 1 year. Mt. St. Mary's College in LA is the only one I could find, but their deadline has passed.

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  3. by   Asherah
    Loma Linda University

    They offer a BSN in 2.5 years. CSULB has an trimester BSN where you attend year round and complete in 2 years. MSM is the only acc. BSN program in So. Cal that can be completed in one year.
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  4. by   br107
    also cal state la. i think azusa has one. maybe western in pomona too.

    csu long beach - yeah they have one. but i would never consider going there. their secretary or whoever the person they have that's supposed to help you with absn and emsn admissions was very confused and very unhelpful. rude too. and wrong. (i ended searching for the answers i needed myself). red flag, imo.
  5. by   stressed_girl
    Hi-- The deadline has passed for all the schools mentioned above except for CSU Long Beach. Their application period starts this month. I agree with the above poster-- The people who answer the phone calls for the programs are VERY rude and unhelpful.
  6. by   Myethpio
    I think Azusa is rolling admission, last I heard...
  7. by   tikiluvrsk
    San Diego State has a program BUT it is in Glendale, CA. in conjunction with Glendale Adventist Hospital. I just went to the orientation. It was previously Oklahome State University /Glendale Adventist but SDSU took over. There is a May application deadline for the next cohort. It takes place in Glendale, CA as I mentioned (so about 45 minutes from SanBernadino. It is a BA/BS to BSN in 13 months I believe once you have all your pre-reqs. A combo of online, classroom and clinicals at Glendale Adventist. If you look up SDSU school of nursing and Glendale Adventist you should find it. Good Luck in your search for a program. I am considering it ......It is just taking me so long to get my last few pre-req's - Chem, Micro , and A&P arghhh.....frustration.