Abington -Dixon school of Nursing

  1. Hello,Anyone here going to Abinton -Dixon School of Nursing?

    Are you applying for the 2007 year?

    I am still waiting for the letter, I think they come out in February...:spin:
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  3. by   RN2B-09
    Yes, I applied for early decision. Had my meeting interview in December and was told letters will go out on 1/15/07. Just realized that there is no mail on that date, so will now have to wait an extra day. I am going crazy waiting. I applied for the evening/weekend program. How about you?

    What school are you taking your pre-reqs at? I go to Montgomery Community College.
  4. by   LisaJ_RN
    I have my interview appt 1/25/07.
    How did it go?
    I am applying for evening weekend..You?
    I am nervous/excited.
    I heard there were over 300 applications. How did you do on the NLN?
    I got a 90.

    I dont know how Ill wait another month

    Oh, my pre-reqs were done at BCCC...I take Micro/ap2 this semester
  5. by   RN2B-09
    The interview was actually fun. It was very informal. I was so nervous about it but felt at ease instantly. There were 4 people interviewing you at the same time but they were really nice. I felt they basically just wanted to see your personalilty.

    Although, I felt good leaving there, I am still anxiously awaiting the final decision. I was hoping the letters went out early but NO!!. I did not apply anywhere else because I really want to go there. I am hoping and praying that I got in.

    I got a 97 on the NLN. They only require you to get 50 or above so they will be thrilled with your score. That was the first thing that they mentioned when I walked in. They literally gave me a round of applause. I am sure you will get the same so Good Job!

    Taking Microbiology and English this semester and then Life Span in the summer which will complete all my classes.
  6. by   LisaJ_RN
    Hopefully we will be in class together. My name is Lisa in case we are...heck lets be positive and say we will!!
    Thank you for your reply!!