AA vs. Bachelors

  1. So im still considering nursing and what route to take. I am barely trying to get familiar with the world of nursing, but my main concern right now is can I still just work as a nurse with an AA degree only and not have to worry about getting a bachelors, ever? Is it that most places, hospitals and private offices, etc, are focusing on hiring more and more nurses with a bachelors? I can't say I'm interested in the higher salary or the "leadership" aspect of getting a bachelors, but will I be "encouraged" or pushed to get one later?
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    You CAN work with just AS degree in nursing...for now. However, as years pass, more and more employers require that their RNs have, or will have their BSN in the nearest future. So, you may go for AS now, but be ready to obtain your BSN in the first few years of your employment.