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  1. Hello, I was just wondering, since I'm not in my college nursing program yet, is there any way I can get an intership or training done? I've looked up so many sites, but none of them work for me. I was going to apply for a nursing home called ACR, but they require their employees to drive. I can't drive, not until mid December. I'm so clueless as to where I can get internships. Are you suppose to be in a nursing program to be able to be have intership? Thanks, Choua.
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  3. by   jones21498
    I live in Indiana and I know you have to be admitted into a nursing program for an internship or fellowship, and even then they usually won't accept you until you are in your last year of schooling. You can always go the CNA route, or work as something else within the medical setting. There are care partner positions (It is like a CNA position without having to be certified, though you are still trained, usually care partners go straight into the fellowship/internship when they know you are within a year of graduation), or perhaps even getting into an administrative position such as registration clerk or secretary. It is hard. I have had several interviews for various positions but to no avail. I begin the ASN program in January 2007. Once I am registered I can actually apply for a position with a local hospital that has student nurse positions. It is very flexible and they actually work with you much the same as the fellowship/internship program they have. I hope that helps.
  4. by   yangkchoua
    Thanks Jones. =] I wanna do the CNA route, but I have no car. I gotta wait til I get My license in December. But I need money to pay off My tuition Thanks again. =] hehe -Choua