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I am considering going to school to get my RN. I was speaking with a friend, whose a RN, and she suggested I get some medical experience by working as a CNA. I am currently a homemaker w/ a 22... Read More

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    wdwpixie, I'm so glad what I said made a difference for somebody. It's not something I would have thought of either had it not come up in class. Enjoy your waitressing (yes, they can make awesome $ in tips, but I am too clumsy - hehe) and best of luck in school!
    Thanks! You, too!!

    After sitting in a cubicle for 6 years, I look forward to anything that gets me up and around and moving!!

    I'll just add that we have a couple of PCT's in our class, and one in particular I was talking to mentioned she thought the expectations for them in checkouts was a little higher....that they were a little tougher on them!! Not sure how true that is, but it's something else to keep in mind!!
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    Hmm - I hadn't thought of that with the check-off's, but I suppose that is probably true. We have one in our class who I feel kind-of bad for because everyone always says, "why do you need to practice, you know what you're doing" - talk about pressure! Poor girl.

    Of course, some schools I guess do give extra points on admissions if you're already working in a healthcare area. I forgot about that because my school does not do that, but some do. I am thankful that was not the case for me because I couldn't afford to quit my job to do that. I find it so sad that CNAs are paid what they are when they are the foundation of healthcare for many individuals. I make a lot more than a CNA (probably $3 or $4 more an hour out here) and I don't do near the hard work that they do nor do I even have to have a certification to do my job. Something is wrong with this picture. Oops - that's another story though.