1. Looking for ANY study advice! Books or online games that can help??
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    Be more specific (=

    Is there a certain subject?

    Youtube is a good start....

    Amazon: "_____ made incredibly easy"
    "_____ for dummies"

    Remember these books only condence what you have to know and I recc reading the text assigned to the course and using these study guides to STUDY not LEARN. Textbooks are for learning ... these are guides and will outline and tell you important things.
    If you aren't in a nursing program yet get in the swing of actively learning hehe (= do it now! Meaning don't just memorize the A&P facts rather really understand what it is you're reading... really understand the function and importance of the liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart... ect.

    Always think about structure and function ... "How does structure and function relate"?

    Example: Why is the structure of the left ventricle important to its function?
    Why is the structure (histology) of the capillaries important to oxygenation?

    & remember that although you study systems seperately ... they do work together in real life.
    Look at the small details... but look at the big picture.

    Ask these questions as you read your text. Develop these good study skills now.
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    this helped me tremendously!!!
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