A&P group presentation disaster! WWYD?

  1. I had a group presentation assigned for my A&P1 class and last nite was our nite to present. It was a complete catastrophe and I could use some advice (and to rant a bit). This was supposed to be a group effort and I can say in all honesty I created (it was powerpoint) and reseached the ENTIRE project. My two so called partners completely blew me off, they did not do an ounce of research nor did they offer any assistance. I emailed group on a regular basis solicting feedback and reseach notes and got nothing in return which was very frustrating. I emailed to them the final draft of the project on Tuesday afternoon, complete with notes for them to make the presentation with, and they didn't even read them! The actual presentation was horrendous and it was soooo obvious they were unprepared. I suppose their lack of effort should not surprise me, they were also my lab partners and in 16 classes I think they atttended the lab all of twice.
    So what would you do? I am contemplating emailing the professor, for what its worth, and letting him know what happened in the hopes of salvaging my grade. Is this a bad idea? Maybe I should just let it go, but I am so angry. I worked my tail off on this project .
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I am the poster child for screwed up group projects - lol!

    I would tell the instructor what happened and let the flak fall where it may!
  4. by   tabacue
    I hate group projects! In my experience, it always works out that way - where one person does all the work. I have taken the majority of my classes on-line, which makes it even worse plus I am a remote on-line student so I am 5 hours away from most of the students in the class. Once I know there is a group project, I generally ask the professor if it would be ok to work alone. Maybe it looks like I'm not a team player ???, but it doesn't hurt to ask. It has worked...

    I would definitely talk to the professor and explain the situation. Tell the prof that you are rather embarrassed about how it turned out and that you did all you could do to complete the project and involve the group. Show the e-mails that you sent too. Your group members might get mad, but thats what happens when you don't want to participate.

    Group projects stink!
  5. by   IrishMommy
    Thank you both for your advice. I decided to email the professor and his response was that if what I was telling him was true, I should have told him sooner and broken away from my group and done it myself! I actually asked him if I could do it on my own at the beginning of the semester and he said no, it needed to be a group effort. Gggrrrrrr.......The group did end up with a decent grade overall but I am so disappointed. The slackers benefitted from my hard work .
  6. by   vixnnet
    I've had to turn in three slackers in my day and I am always for them to get what they reap... I'm sure their grades are suffering elsewhere!
  7. by   libnat
    i have found group projects work better when you split the work from the beginning, member a research and do this section, b, c, ect. at least then no one feels unduly shat upon when it comes to the work. but you have to trust your partners will do a good job because your work depends on their work and if someone doesn't bring theirs the last day that part just doesn't get covered.