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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the forum but in need of great help and guidance. I am in GREAT pursuit of attending school this coming May in a Direct Entry Program. I am already in NYU's College of Nursing by my hopes are set on attending one of the 3 schools: Columbia, Yale or Johns Hopkins. I am also currently working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a Research Assistant, have done extensive research in and outside of the hospital, and have a lot of volunteer experience. I graduated from a small state college with a bachelor's in Psychology with a 3.76..BUT...I just took my GRE today and got a 470 in the verbal and 490 in the math. I am very upset.
    I only have two more weeks if I want to take this test again before the deadlines for school applications arrive. But along with school and work, I don't have much time to study. What should I do? Should I take them again? Are these scores good enough for these programs? Please help!!!

    Thanks everyone and hope to hear from someone REALLY SOON!

    K in despair
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  3. by   Melina
    The GRE is 800 possible, right? I would take it again, although unless you had testing anxiety, your score may not go up much with only 2 weeks to prepare. You can always call the school and ask what they recommend. Good luck~

  4. by   Kurlyz26
    Hi Mel,

    Thank you for your input. Yes, the highest possible is 800 for each section, but each school says that 500 or above is considered a competitive score.

    I was looking more into the programs and, just my luck, the applications are due later than I planned (I usually do that to myself in case of situations such as this one) So it looks like I may have a month exactly to study.

    Would anyone consider study and take it again? I am not sure what else to study, I guess I would just have to take practice tests over practice tests until I get the gist of it all. Would anyone suggest a tutor? That would be my only option for outside intervention since I would only have 4 weeks? ANY, ANY input would be much appreciated!!!

  5. by   live4rachael
    If I recall, you have to wait 30 days to retake the GRE (their standards). If you have that much time, and have time to invest, I certainly would take it again. My husband and I both used a GRE study guide by Barron's - it not only gave practice tests and such, but really good tips as well. It helped us both tremendously.
  6. by   Kurlyz26
    Thank you Live4rachel,

    So you think one month of the barrons would be enough. I have kaplan's GRE prep program on the computer, too. I think i know enough of the formulas and vocab. What I need to learn are the tricks and how to apply them. Would barrons do this for me? Should I just take practice tests? What do you suggest?
  7. by   live4rachael
    Sure... my husband only took it after 2 weeks of studying, it sure helped him. I had a couple of months to practice.

    I haven't seen the Kaplan's one so I don't know how detailed it got. But the Barron's has practice tests both in the book and on the CD. Additionally, it gives tactics for each section - antonyms, analogies, comprehension, general math, discrete quantitative, quantitative comparison, etc. I found several of them really helpful. You could spend a day or two on each section and take a couple of practice tests in between, just as an example.
  8. by   Kurlyz26
    Thanks, I will try my best! I feel like I'm running out of time though. It;s really making me anxious!