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Pre-Nursing Student Requests Your Advice

by klk2kls klk2kls (New) New

I am only in the 2nd week of my final pre-nursing class (start nursing this fall if I pass)and already feel overwhelmed. The instructors decided against a textbook-we only have a course outline/learning objectives and the notes we take in class. They are throwing so much information at us but at the same time there seems to be nothing to really study or memorize. They say their program is one of the toughest in the nation. I am asking this group (LPN to RN) intentionally because I hope to get my LPN certificate first. I am wondering if any of you felt the same way that I do and if you can offer me any advice on how I can be successful in this program? Please help if you can. Thank you.


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it sounds like your instructors are preparing you for NS. Lots of material, short amount of time and self-taught. My advice to you is to simply keep up. Dont get behind and really internalize the information you are being taught. i.e. not simply memorize but understand it. Its very overwhelming to be given so much information but if you can break it down into small pieces that might help. We've all been in the same boat you are and can empathize. Keep your head above water and tread like hell, the end result is worth it.

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Oddly enough, in LPN school, we did alot of outlined work papers and took ALOT of hand written notes. For me, taking the notes was easiest cause I was hearing the information, storing it, and rewriting it during the lecture. It was hard to keep up at times, because the information was so sparse, but never feel ashamed to go to the instructor and ask for help or what you need to be focusing on mainly.

Good luck!!

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