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Pre-nursing student relocating

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I've been in the process of trying to go back to nursing school. I was in the program at Harper back in 2007, made it through the first 2 semesters, failed in the third and decided to move onto something else. I went on to get my bachelors in Social Work and a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, but have found myself wanting to return to nursing. Along the way I moved out to Arizona, I'm currently re-taking prereqs at the community college by me and on the 2-year waitlist to get into their ADN program. I'm fine with the wait because it gives me time to pay off a good portion of the debt I've accrued over the last decade. With the way things are currently headed with the economy and the fact that I'm barely staying above water with what I'm doing now, I'm debating moving back home and living either with my parents in the Northwest suburbs (lake-cook county border) or living with my sister and her boyfriend who live in Chicago. From what I've read on here it looks like I'm better off getting a BSN or maybe even a Masters Entry into Nursing program. Any advice on what programs are in those general areas and what admissions criteria are like? I had a 3.8 in my masters and ended my bachelor's with a 3.9, but a lot of the prereq science classes I took I didn't do as well on (mostly B's) and will be retaking before going back to nursing school. I took the Hesi entrance exam and got a 96 average of the reading, grammar, vocab, and math sections. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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