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Hi! I am a pre nursing student and would like some information on what areas of nursing there are. I would like to work in the nursery with the newborns. What kind of nurse is that and any information on how to get there would be appreciated!

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Welcome to AN!

The nursing field that involves working with the birthing process as well as new moms & their babies is called Peri-natal (Latin for 'around birth'). There is an even broader area called 'women's health' that encompasses all other health issues, including gynecology, fertility, etc. as well as peri-natal nursing.

If you are keen on caring only for babies, you would need to realize that it would involve sick babies rather than well & happy newborns. Most hospitals don't separate well babies from their moms these days - so, after the birth, nurses care for both the mom & baby in the same room. The only babies that are kept in nurseries are babies with health problems. These are divided into different 'levels' (e.g., Level II Nursery) according to how sick the baby is. Neonatal ICU (NICU) is where the sickest babies are cared for.

Good luck on your nursing education.

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