Pre-nursing student in need of some job experience!


Hello. I am having a hard time finding a job. My problem is that I am a pre-nursing student, I only have two more classes to take before I can apply to nursing schools. Is there anything I can apply for in the medical field? The only medical experience I have had is working at dermatologist's office over the summer, working with pathology slides and answering phones and making appointments. I looked into CNA's and medical assistants, but you have to have experience for that. I live in Eatonton, if there is anybody who lives close do you have any ideas of anything that could be in the Milledgeville, Macon, Madison, Covington area? Also, I am taking the NET exam next month, any tips or suggestions? thanks so much!

I am a pre-nursing student myself. I will apply to nursing school after this semester. I have API, API lab, Micro., Explorations in Algebra, and Engl 101 this semester. It seems like all I do is study. I recently took a 6 week phlebotomy course. There were lots of different courses out there. Anywhere from 6 weeks to a year ($900-$4000). I just happened to finish right when the semester was just beginning. I'm still in the process of obtaining the license and the state board certification. I was also going to take a class in basic life support, as I think it will look good on a resume. Look to see if there are any positions for phlebotomists in your area. It seems like just about every hospital here has openings. I'll let you know if I actually get a job :up:, but look into that. Working in a hospital as a plebotomist seems like great experience for our future nursing careers. (I had to get over my fear of blood and needles, lol) It also pays more than a CNA here.


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Thank you so much for the info! I just got an account on here and I'm already loving it :) Definitely let me know if you get a job, good luck and thanks again!

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Your state's board of nursing should have some instructions on about how to become a CNA. Someone in your school's nursing department or career services may also know.


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In my area, a CNA job in a hospital was just about impossible to get without experience or connections.

However, I literally walked into a local nursing home, asked about working there and was in orientation within a week and started on the Transitional Care Unit.

It was the hardest job and most rewarding job I ever had and according to my supervising nurses, I am a top notch CNA.

Even so, after a year there, I still can't get a hospital to touch me! I fished around for some hospital CNA work and got only standard rejection emails.


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The only medical experience I had before starting nursing school (competitive BSN program) was working at a vet clinic as a vet tech/assistant. In some states you don't have to have any sort of license and you can learn to do all kinds of fun stuff. I can give injections (SQ, IM, IV), put in IV catheters, pull blood, take x-ray, and monitor during surgeries - all learned through on the job training. If you like animals, it might be something worth looking into. :)

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