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Hello, everyone:

Today I went to a Pre-Nursing information session at my local college. I am very much interested this program because it really helps students succeed in the RN program at the college. I am very nervous about whether I will get accepted into this pre-nursing program because I have not done so well academically in the past with my courses. I have had to withdraw from several courses, but I have also gotten B's in several of them also. I am a slow learner and I have always been in special Ed classes and I have some psychological problems. With all this said I am going to try not letting these issues get in the way of fulfilling my dream of becoming a nurse. I would like any input you may have into the above issues. What I would also like to know is when I go for the interview for being possibly accepted into the colleges pre-nursing program in the fall 2003 there will be pre-admission test assessing my reading and math skills the test is called the Accuplacer. What is the best way to study and do well on the test and are their any other tests that may be helpful for me to study by. Also, the program coordinator is going to conduct her interview of us in a group setting, but we will have to answer our questions in essay form. Two of the questions will be Why do I want to become a nurse? What do nurses do? I am suppose to go online and try to answer the latter question and/or try talking to some nurses. I really want to do my best to get accepted into the program. Does anyone have any advise.




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Giggles, I wanted to bump up your post in hopes of some replies!

Good luck in getting into Nursing School!


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gizzy76, Thanks for moving my post up I appreciate it.


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You can become a nurse! My brother is a nurse and was diagnosed as a child, with dyslexia and ADHD. I fhe can do it you can too! It took a lot of hard work on his part, but it was something he really wanted to do. He taped his lectures and then reviewed them at home rather than trying to take notes in class. He would listen in class and then take notes at home off the tape because he could pause the tape and take time to look up things he didn't understand. This really helped him a lot. Good luck! You can do it!


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Good Luck Carmen, I also believe you can do it. Also, before you begin classes see if your school has a tutoring lab, it can be very helpful for those difficult courses. :)


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Hi Carmen! Welcome!

Prior to our tests for nursing school, my girlfriends and I went to the library and the bookstore. We bought /borrowed every available studyguide on the market. (You don't have to get them all there are 3 of us, I ransacked the library, then we each bought 1 of the books we thought were best.) Our one friend is similiar to Surgical RN's brother. She learns best through hearing rather than reading. So she taped the info in the study guides and played it back until she understood it. We all work nights together as CNA's so on our "down time" we studied. It helps if you have friends, because what one of us wouldn't understand the other one did. We also used sites like to help with geometry (none of us have been near geometry in years!) We found the two best books to be Barron's and Arco. We took the tests in the back first thing to find our weaknesses and then designed our study time around the areas we needed to improve. (Don't be discouraged if you bomb out on the test in the book..we all just looked at each no way are we this dumb!) So hit the library borrow the study guides and see if there are some other folks who would be interested in studying with you if you like. And as mkue said many schools have tutors....

As to your essay question, start writing your answers now! This gives you time to work on it, refine what you want to say and find out what it is about nursing that attracts you and what it means for you. I'm sure if you were to post your essay here, folks would be happy to assist you in editing. Your post though is well written and you may just be nervous because it means so much to you.

As to "What do nurses do?". Spend some time on this site, there have been numerous threads where other students have asked nurses about thier typical day and for job descriptions. You'll find it varies greatly, you may want to look for the commonalities. So try the BB's search engine.

Deep breaths, prepare yourself as best you can, have faith....and pop in here anytime you need support. This is a wonderful board with fabulous people.

waiting (very impatiently) for her test results...


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I have dyslexia and ADD. I'm graduating in a few weeks. You can do it.


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Dear giggles,

You may be learning disabled, but you're not brain-dead.

What do nurses do?

Honey, you can blow away the interviewer by searching the web site at the University of Iowa College of Nursing.

The Nursing Interventions Classification Project has classified Nursing interventions that taken into consideration nurses at all education levels, practice settings They have developed labels for each nursing intervention, assigned a numeric code and organized them to fit within the larger Nursing process (nursing assessment, Nursing Diagnoss, Nursing Interventions,

Nursing Outcomes).

Go to this web site now and study this as much as you can. When you are in your interview and this question is posed to you, bring up the list of Nursing Interventions and hit "print".

The interviewer may not actually be familiar with this and be intimidated by you. It's called "one-up-manship".

However, this clearly answers the question, chapter and verse.

Just my opinion. Edward,Il

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