Pre nursing (prerequisites)


okay, so after high school, to become a DNP. you have to get your prerequisites completed, right?

i am looking into CSU long beach, and do you guys know if they have a pre nursing program where i can complete my prerequisites? i have checked and all i get is "Bachelor of Science in Nursing", is that the same thing?

sorry, im a high school student, in need of help for when i graduate.


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Look closely at the info provided under the BSN heading. They should list the courses that are required prior to applying to the nursing portion of the program. All of the courses must be completed before the degree is earned, and normally the prereqs must be completed before starting the nursing courses, after applying to the nursing school and being accepted. There are some schools that allow prereqs and coreqs to be taken at the same time as nursing courses, but they are few and you don't want to do that anyway. Nursing school is difficult enough without the added burden of extra classes.