Pre-Nursing jitters...


So, I made the decision to go back to school to get my BSN about 5 months ago while nursing my newborn! Why? I don't know. I just thought to myself," I should be a nurse". My husband told me to become a nurse a few years ago, but I was NOT interested. And, now that I have an almost 6month old, I find myself so ready to be in actual nursing school. To not be taking the pre-reqs that I don't already have (I have a BS in Animal Science). And dont get me wrong. I love being at home with my daughter, but I really want to be a nurse for some reason.

Anyways, I am soooo nervous about being accepted into a credible nursing school! There are several schools in the DFW area that offer a BSN, Tarleton, TCU, Baylor, , TWU...but I feel that UTA is in my price range and close enough for me to commute. What I was wondering is, HOW competitive is the admission process? I've had an advisor tell me that a 3.5 GPA, or above, is what's needed to be competitive. What I don't know is, do I really need to take 30 hours at UTA, and 12 hours of my natural sciences at UTA to be seriously considered? Or does that really matter? I mean, I spoke with an advisor at TCU and was told that the "optional" essay is what REALLY mattered, along with the GPA. And I wouldn't be so worried about nursing school if they all required the same pre-req! One requires 6 hours of foreign language, two require 6 hours of religion, two require Speech Comm, one requires Tech Writing, only one doesn't require Chemistry. It's so frustrating!

Am I being too much of a worry wart? Or, are the feelings valid?

It is quite overwhelming with the differences in pre-reqs that everyone wants. I am also hoping to be a second degree nursing student. I am wrapping up my pre-reqs this semester and applying for Fall 2013. I have read through quite of bit of the posts on this site and they appear to be just about the most competitive in this area; probably due to the cost. Your degree should help some at UTA. I am hoping to apply with a 4.0 science and 3.55 overall with the prior degree consideration and am still concerned if that will be good enough. I am using TCC as a backup; I just don't think I can do the drive to Tarleton. When I talked to the advisor at Tarleton, they said my grades looked good and I should be highly competitive for admission, but the drive worries me. Good luck in whatever decision you make.


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The requirements and competitiveness really depend on the school. It's difficult to apply to more than one school at a time, because they all have slightly different requirements (some require the HESI, others the TEAS entrance exam, some require Nutrition and Language courses for pre-reqs, others do not, some require that you've taken your sciences in the past 5 years...etc.). is very competitive and if you are looking at the AP BSN program, it is an advantage to work at a Hospital that partners with UTA at the time of your application. Honestly, I believe (based on those accepted) it really helps to have taken the majority of your pre-req classes and sciences at UTA - your previous degree will be an advantage too. Those items along with a 3.5+ GPA will make you most competitive. I applied to UTA twice and was waitlisted for the AP BSN program both times, I have a previous degree and work at a partnered hospital - I was finally called off the waitlist last week and will be starting at the end of January. I couldn't be happier because, like you, this is something that I really want to do. You are right, there are a lot of advice is do your research and find out which two programs have requirements that are most similar and apply to both - this way you have a back up. Good luck and don't give up if it's something you really want! :)