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Pre-Nursing exam - NLN

nurse2btracy nurse2btracy (Member)


I am taking the pre-nursing exam in February for Beth Israel. For those who have taken it - how hard is it?

One other question - how long do those scores stay active? I am also applying to Hunter but probably would not need to take the exam for at least 1 year. Would my original scores count or would I need to take them over?


The exam is not hard.It's based on High school Verbal/reading, math and science.You are given about 1 hr for each section(3hrs in total).Have you been studying for it? There are many great books that prepare you for the exam.The book by Mcdonald is excellent.Make sure you read often during your preparation so that you can increase your reading speed and boost your vocabulary.As for the math, its basically simple high school algerbra, arithmetic and geometry.The science section is based on high school material aswell:basic Bio, chemistry, anatomy and physiology and physic.Dont worry about the physics section .They only ask you a very small amount of questions. Just make sure you use your time wisely.Do not focus too much on one question.Dont be afraid to guess when you're stuck on a question.Hey, you have a 20% chance of guessing the right answer anyhow.Make sure you have a good night sleep the day before.Eat a well balanced breakfast .HAVE A POSTITIVE ATTITUDE..RELAX...You'll do well.....Your scores remain active for ever I guess.lol....If you want to take the exam over, you cannto do so until 6 months have passed since you've taken it previously.If you believe your score is good enough the 1st time, you do not need to take it over when you apply to Hunter.Good luck! ohhh and I dont think calculators are allowed.

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