Pre-NP, suggest MSN or DNP?

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Hi All,

I am currently in a BSN program and will graduate in December. I have a passion for Adult Critical Care and my ultimate goal is to become an Adult Critical Care NP. I plan on finding a job in the ICU (Neuro, MSICU, SICU, anywhere that will take me.. Fingers crossed!) when I graduate in Dec. I need advice about further education- how much experience would one suggest before applying for further education?

Regarding the new DNP regulations in 2015, would it be possible to complete a MSN by 2015 or would it be wise to take the DNP route? I am still very young (22) and want to enrich myself with as much knowledge as possible, but also have a solid foundation and have confidence in my skills as a RN before I jump back into school. I'm located in the DC area. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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