Pre-licensure BSN


Any one have an opinion on this type of program? I am applying to three schools, two of which are traditional ADN/RN programs and then this program at CSU East Bay in CA.

I really have my heart set on the BSN program. Here in CA you have to have your BSN to get hired right now. Even my RN friends are required to go back to school for theirs. So, the sleekness of this option appeals to me. But I have heard that "get your RN in one year" type programs turn out not-so-great nurses. I'm not sure if this program falls into that category or if they were referring to ABSN programs.

Also, I would like to see if anyone can talk about the intensity of the program? More/less/same as a traditional RN program? I just found out the requirements have changed from last year and I will be apply to apply sooner than I thought. I'm getting nervous! :wacky:


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There are several types of pre-licensure programs. ADN or ASN are associates degree programs, traditional BSN programs 4-5 semesters after pre-reqs, ABSN programs (12-18 months) that require a BS in another field, direct entry MSN (also require BS in another field). Without knowing the name of the school you are talking about, I don't know what category the program is. You should be able to check the state BON website and look at NCLEX pass rates. That is a good indication of the schools ability to prepare you for NCLEX.