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Hi everyone,

does anyone know any websites with preemployment medication test.what should i study?Thank you!!

You must know everything b/c that's what is expected of you being a board passer and all.

What I meant are those general nursing information b/c pre- employment exam tests your basic nursing knowledge.

thank you for the quick answer,but do you know any websites where i can go and practice or should i just practice some of the n-clex questions?

I don't think there's an pre-employment medication test sample site.

Maybe you can use NCLEX practice questions for that :D

I recently took a pre-employment exam. I did use my NCLEX reviewer but I found out that they are into the basics (really) not so much in depth nursing information for example pathophysiology of diseases (they aren't into those). They are into fundamentals of nursing :D

I'm not saying it's true for all the institutions, I'm just giving you an idea of how it was from the institution I took an exam :D

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looks like were in the same situation though i am taking critical care and med surg tests on friday coz i applied for a telemetry position. i also took a preemployment test before for RN's and its easy, basically everything about nursing, nothing specific.

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I've never had to take a pre-employment medication test. For one thing, by passing the state boards, you've already proven you know all the basic and general stuff, along with the basic math skills needed to calculate dosages and such.

For another thing, whichever unit you will be working will have a more specific set of commonly-used medications. You really can't know what those medications are until you start working there, unless perhaps the manager gives you a list to study.

I work on a combined ICU/telemetry floor. I work with many, many meds, and I know them forwards and backwards. When I encounter one that's unfamiliar to me, I do what everybody does: I look it up.

If you put me on an oncology floor or (god forbid) an OB floor, I would be helpless. I could not give pitocin without spending a good 15 minutes researching the basics, and I would not give it without the supervision of an experienced nurse. But if that OB nurse came to my floor- her worst nightmare too, I'm sure- I wouldn't expect her to be able to give the propofol or the diltiazem drips without study and supervision.

If I were in your position, I'd ask if this test is on general medication knowledge, like the NCLEX? or is it on medications specific to that unit? If it's the latter, I'd ask which meds I was expected to know so I could study.

wow thank you so much for all your respond, i guess since i passed my n-clex i shouldnt have much problems,i will just review some of the stuff i forgot over the years.:)

I took a pre employment test and they asked questions like why give aspirin on the first sign of chest pain, also asked about BP drugs that decrease your BP and effects on HR, what drugs need a 2nd RN to cosign (insulin, hanging blood...), they were pretty basic and most places if you fail the test, they let you retake the same one.

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