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Pre-employment screening

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I am a new grad Rn looking for that first job and I have a mental illness, bipolar 2 specifically yet I don't agree as other doctors have told me its just depression. Anyway my concern is do I need to disclose this on a pre- employment health screening since I am currently seeking treatment when I do land that job offer. I am worried that this will reject me as a candidate, even though I am stable and have no problems performing the duties of the job. I went through nursing school with this and had no problems. I even disclosed in in the physical required for nursing school. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Test the water first. Apply somewhere you wouldn't see as one of your top prospects to work at and don't disclose anything. If you slip under the cracks, you made it. If you get busted, you know and aren't out of a job you would have wanted.