Pre-Employment Drug Screening


Hey everyone! I was recently offered a job for after I graduate and I am beyond excited! I was looking at the forums for this questions and kept finding conflicting answers so I thought I would just go ahead and ask. First off the bat, I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS. My question is regarding alcohol. On Saturday night I had two beers (I am 22). I have a Preemployment substance abuse screening on Monday morning wand was curious to whether or not this will this show up? Thanks for all your help!


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It is highly unlikely that this would affect the test, alcohol metabolizes much faster than the timeframe you are given. Most employment drug screens do not screen for alcohol, but do a more traditional 5 or 9 panel screen (can google for more info). There are a few very sensitive tests that can detect use up to 2-3 weeks, but these are mostly used in monitoring programs. I would not stress too much about it as the likelihood is small, but would also avoid drinking tonight and just stick with water. Congrats on the new job!


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Don't worry - they don't test for alcohol.✔