Pre-CNA located in NYC, need advice IMMEDIATELY.


You read correctly: Pre-CNA!

I'm in NYC and I'm considering being a nurse. I have yet to start my pre-requisites for the nursing program, however, in order to start you guys off I want to allude to a thread I just read. Please keep in mind I have just left a job that paid much less than this (it was a CNA), and I went through the same exact experiences as this very poster:

Hi I work as a CNA in a hospital facility in NY. I have been there 5 years while working to complete pre-req's for nursing. However after a rough year at the job along with a recent write up, I dont think I want to be a nurse any more. Most of the nurses on my unit seem disgruntled and miserable. They treat us CNA's horribly and it is generally an easy floor. Most of the patients are walkie talkie and the floor has a high turnover rate. The nurses are super lazy, they will look 30 minutes for a CNA just to grab a pt a towel or to grab some ice. I understand nurses work hard overall, but like I said the floor is easy and they get thru their charting and stuff in the morning.

Also the management is unsupportive. We are only required to work 3 12hr shifts and for the most part. My fellow CNA's and I work around each other to accomodate our individual school schedules. They nit pick over every little thing and I just am extremely burned out! I enrolled in an EKG/Phlebotomy class just to enhance my skills so I can leave that god-forsaken dept! There is too much drama and its wearing me down. I always been the type to ignore the drama but now I am fed up!!

We are often humiliated and disrespected at work and management does nothing to support this. I have gotten into many altercations because these people would always try to demean me and im sick of it

I have been also considering changing career goals. I am currently considering a career in occupational therapy. I think it would be better for me .

The problem is I make 22/hr at my job. I am really unhappy and want to leave, but i dont know where i would make this much money,

I'm so horribly terrified that I will go through the same experiences as this poster. I need to be making this person's salary because I'm in a terrible living situation--this is what brought me to CNA in general. Becoming a nurse is a slightly different idea and revolves around personal interests. The CNA thing doesn't so much revolve around personal interests, but instead, around the need for money. There's absolutely no way to get around it but to get a job that pays enough and the only thing I am qualified for is this CNA business (or HHA).

I am still in school. I have at least 2 more years to go. I support myself. Can anyone advise me on this matter? Will I end up miserable? Everyone I speak to about this tells me CNA's (and many nurses) are miserable. I JUST went through this--I don't want to go through it again.

And the pay? They tell me they are miserable AND paid nothing ($12 starting)! I'm questioning it but I don't know what to do. I need this job. I need to get through school. I need to be making around $18 - $20 an hour. Not sure if my 3 years of prior working experience will pay off.

The CNA course itself costs $350 and I hate the fact that I have to go to an underprivileged area to go to class. I'm so uncomfortable in that neighborhood. I wish things were different. Do I have anything to look forward to?

Please respond. Thank you much in advance.

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Well, I can't really talk to you about the pay- I got barely more than minimum wage when I was a CNA, but I wasn't living anywhere near the city

However, I can tell you that every experience will be different. For the most part, your job is what you make it. Yes, some nurses and some facilities stink. But you don't have to buy into that. Don't get involved in the drama. For me, the appreciation mf my patients (I worked in sub-acute senior rehab) was worth it. Some days were rotten, and certainly, the job was demanding, but honestly, your employer is paying you to do a job, so you will feel better about yourself if you are doing that job without consideration to how much work other people are doing or comparing your work load to other people's. You can make a world of difference to people by giving them compassionate, competent care without getting wrapped up in the drama of what is going on around you.

Best of luck to you!