Pre clinical Surgery: I was a First Assistant

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I worked for Johnson& Johnson Co -at ETHICON, the suture company for 8 years as a First Assistent in Pre-clincal Surgery. Pre-Clincal Surgery does saftey and efficacy Studys on devices before they go to Phase I Clinical trials. Anyway, I was a Licenced Veterinary Nurse. We did all our work on dogs (don't boo me). We did mostly orthopedic surgeries like crutiate repairs with suture anchors.

I also worked in Endsocopic surgery for 4 years. Our OR had the same rules and regs as any human hospital. Our surgery suite was super advanced. question is how similar and useful will my Pre clincal surgery experience be for working in the OR? I am a 41 yr old first year nursing student and would like to work in the OR when I graduate. Any comments would be appreciated.......

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