PRAIRIE VIEW .... what is their program like?


i got accepted into prairie view a&m university.

can you please tell me what the program is like? what are the tests like? what are clinicals like? do you have to make a detailed care plan everytime you are in clinicals? i'm in an adn program right now, and we only do 1 care plan this semester. anyways, i heard the program is disorganized... but honestly, that's every nursing program. and do they have dosage calculation exams each semester?

please give me all the info you can about this program so i can make an informed decision about leaving the adn program i am in. anything and everything will be greatly appreciated. thank you.


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wow i know this is late but i think the program is actually a good program. yes we do care plans there usually done every week before we go to clinicals. i think the program course load is very reasonable and doable and yes we do have to dosage exams one every semester before we can go to clinicals


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so hows the program, assuming ur went/are going there? im hoping to get accepted to the spring 2011 semester

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