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I know this has been answered but I was unable to find any threads in a search. What scores should I feel comfortable with on practice exams? I just took practice exam A and made a 71. I am taking Part B tonight after I look over a few things and will be taking the test for it tomorrow. I thought I remembered hearing anything in the mid 60's or up was a pretty good indicator that you will do good on your exam. I am just looking for C's. Thanks!


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Be careful! I recently did not pass NC 6 after scoring 68/70 on the practice tests. I felt incredibly confident through out the entire exam..only to hit submit and receive a grade of a D! I can't tell you how much it affected my self esteem.

On the other hand, on all of my practice tests I have scored mid to high 60's and passed NC1, 3 and 4.

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Wow thanks for that, erinp88. I know most people strongly advise taking the practice exams. I remember someone saying they scored 40s and 50s for the A&P and doing well on the exam, which was surprising to me.


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Hmm the practice exams were all over the place for me.. I usually got around the 70's mark and made either a B or C. HD 2 I got 40's and 50's and I took the test anyway and got a D the first time.. I studied for 4 weeks and retook it and got an A. I think if you are in the 70's, you *should* do just fine. If you get much lower, start studing the things you missed and really get to know why you didn't know the material in the 1st place.

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