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Practical Nursing student at Kaplan


Anyone attending Practical nursing program this Aug at Kaplan college Las Vegas? Im kinda nervous but excited. Any comments experienced former PN student at Kaplan? Is it a good school? Do you think its worth it in the end because the tuition fee is too expensive? Pls help! thanks!

I believe Kaplan is for-profit. I would be weary of for-profit schools. Did you research their passing NCLEX percentage on the State website? That might be helpful in determining Kaplan being worth the money. There should be a website you can check on schools' accreditation and % of their students passing the NCLEX exam. I have wasted so much already on a degree that I am not working in...



Kaplan in Las Vegas only has provisional approval. Find out what their NCLEX pass rate is. Call the HR depts in hospitals and ask if they hire graduates from Kaplan. If I had the money, I would consider Kaplan. Good luck and please post back your comments when you start.

*Provisional Approval Only:

Schools that have provisional approval meet the initial requirements of Nevada laws and regulations to offer a program of nursing education in Nevada. To obtain full approval, they must gain national accreditation (which they cannot do until after their first class is graduated), and they must achieve a first-time pass rate of 80 percent or higher on the NCLEX (an annual average).

If you graduate from a school that has provisional rather than full approval, you will be eligible for Nevada licensure. If you are contemplating getting licensed in other states, you will have to check with those states regarding their licensure requirements.


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Kaplan is a for profit college, which means the school primarily exists to make money for its shareholders. They have low standards for admission, very expensive tuition, and a questionable academic reputation. They do not have tenured faculty members and they get little pay and there is high turnover among the staff and the staff morale seems to be pretty low from what I can tell online.

Your best bet is your local community college which is going to be the most affordable option. Do your homework before you ever sign on the dotted line. These for profit college are always advertising and recruiting and prey on people who are often the one's who can least afford it.