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PPE for chemo patient

When caring for a patient actively receiving chemo, what PPE do you use for routine care? Do you use chemotherapy gloves for things like when emptying the commode verus regular latex gloves? Do you gown or wear face shield to empty commode into toilet? I read an article indicating this as standard practice, including "double flushing." I am going to ask about our polices at work, but would like to know what is standard practice. We sometimes have patients with oral chemo on our unit (not oncology/ the oncology RNs come give the meds), and sadly, I am not as up to date on this as I should be. I am also newly pregnant, so I tend to *worry* about exposure. I took care of a oral chemo patient a few nights ago, and I only wore latex gloves to change linen (bloody) and empty the commode. I hope I was adequately protected.I am going to talk to my OB about it tomorrow. Our unit needs to educate the nurses, as we don't take extra precautions other than standard/universal precautions as a general rule (perhaps out of ignorance). Thanks!

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