Powwow General Rules


It should be noted that every POWWOW is different so the first rule is the most important. The key is respect, and many "first timers" don't have access to the life-long teaching that we take for granted.

1. Listen to the Master of Ceremonies

2. Do not sit within the arena. The chairs inside the arena are reserved for the dancers. Use the outside circle or bleachers if provided.

3. If you want to take pictures, check with the POWWOW host first, then check with the person you are taking picture of and ASK THEIR PERMISSION. Under no circumstances may you enter the arena to take photos. Put your camera down for all memorial dances. 4. All tape recording must be done with the permission of the Master of Ceremonies and the Lead (or Head) Singer of EACH drum. When a new drum starts, do not enter the arena to get to the other drum. Don't run. Miss the song and wait for the next one to take your time getting to the drum. Nothing is more rude than "Recorder-runners" ganging around a drum. Many Powwows disallow this anyway.

For the entire list, website: http://thewhitewolf.net/powwow.html

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