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33 Powerful Reasons for Attending National Conferences

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I recently returned from my annual trek to the 43rd National Wellness Conference in St. Paul MN and wondered why we go to these professional conferences every year? Is it because we are supposed to bring back some nuggets of wisdom that will change the way we do our work? But then we get so over-loaded with information we return home dazed and confused about what we really learned.

33 Powerful Reasons for Attending National Conferences

So this time I decided to sort it all out by making a list of everything that made an impression on me. And here are the benefits I discovered - in random fashion.

  1. Being immersed with like-minded wellness advocates like me who are my "peeps"
  2. Learning new wellness strategies
  3. Getting new ideas for wellness programs I can develop
  4. Seeing all the latest tech tools that have been developed to support wellness programs
  5. Meeting new people and developing the beginnings of lasting relationships and business connections
  6. Reconnecting with old friends and my wellness business team mates
  7. Providing an historic perspective to the "newbies" about the Wellness Conference as I have been going for 35 years
  8. Having healthy hors d'oeuvres for a change! ( It is the wellness conference, after all!)
  9. Being honored to co-exhibit with Sanoviv Medical Institute, the first accredited Functional Medicine Hospital in the world
  10. Sharing the joy of Sanoviv and registering excited nurses for the next Wellness Retreat in January
  11. Having time to have deep conversations about Sanoviv and how it can help restore their health
  12. Visiting other exhibitors promoting successful wellness initiatives and starting business relationships
  13. Eating great food - and mostly healthy except for the "dessert bar"
  14. Laughing and having fun rolling around in the "ball box" (just like at Chuckie Cheese, only for adults)
  15. Enjoying the annual talent show of very talented and some goofy wellness people
  16. Walking back and forth to the hotel using the St. Paul skywalk system connecting downtown buildings (a great idea for staying out of bad weather and still getting to your destination)
  17. Enjoying Historic Hotel 340, the unique former St. Paul Athletic Club - not just a "cookie cutter" hotel and well kept secret at $89 per night (quite a bargain for being downtown)
  18. Having free hotel breakfasts and noting how many food choices contain way too much sugar!
  19. Walking a labyrinth for afternoon meditation
  20. Supporting my wellness business associate while she presented "How to Grow Your Wellness Business"
  21. Receiving a free professional energy healing session with no physical touching that miraculously loosened my neck and shoulders
  22. Experiencing the usual conference "big chill" from excess air conditioning and realizing that I once more didn't bring a jacket to wear to warm up
  23. Noticing the focus of the conference has shifted from its original heart centered approach to data-driven corporate initiatives and realizing the soul of the original conference was missing
  24. Being with the actual "founder" of the wellness conference who started the whole thing in 1975
  25. Noticing how many candy dishes are on the "Wellness Exhibitors" tables to attract customers vs the one table with a bowl of oranges (guess they still don't get that if you are a wellness company you shouldn't be promoting sugar)
  26. Attending the annual "rocking" wellness dance
  27. Encouraging new attendees who were presenting for the first time to show them support
  28. Rejuvenating for 5 minutes in the Buddha Booth to escape from sound and busyness and enjoy peace, quiet, gentle music, fragrant essential oils (a perfect time-out tool for employees)
  29. Scheduling time with busy CEOs who were exhibiting their businesses to gather input about their lifestyles and how they cope so I am better prepared to target that audience for my wellness coaching practice
  30. Enjoying fruit snacks provided between sessions
  31. Being inspired by the closing keynote from a woman born with no arms who uses her legs and feet as arms and hands, who has successfully become a licensed pilot, scuba diver and motivational speaker. And yes, her feet actually function as hands because her brain rewired itself to make that happen. Everytime I think I can't do something because it is too hard, I will think of her!
  32. Driving along the beautiful Mississippi River Road to get to the conference and back
  33. Reminding me of how fortunate I am to have found wellness early in my career which broadened my horizon about the power of wellness as the best path for achieving optimal health.

So these are my random thoughts about the "real" benefits from attending a professional conference. My challenge to you is to create a list for yourself the next time you go to not only appreciate the rich rewards of going, but to build a case about why it's not just about content gained, but relationships developed and personal growth experiences enhanced.

What would your list look like?


Carol Ebert RN, BSN, MA, CHES, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Certified Mindful Coach, Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor

1 Like, 4 Followers, 46 Articles, 18,853 Visitors, and 123 Posts.

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