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PPD and Hepatits B series.. I have a question please!! Post #1

Ok Fellow colleagues,

I have a question... I do employee health in my current job. I am asking about two things here:

1) Do prefilled PPD syringes HAVE to be fridgerated, or are they stable on a shelf, as long as they are not expired. ? I cant find litereature to support this. I know Multi dose vials need to be refridgerated, but these are individual doses prefilled from pharmacy.... What do you think?

2) If a person recieves dose one of hep B series, and doesnt get the 2nd or 3 rd dose, do they need tostart the series over again?? Please advise..

Thanks friends!!!


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not sure about the PPD's

but the Hep B's yeah if someone had their first one last year yeah i start it over, if it was in 3 months give in would go with the second...but then when in doubt do a titer.


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If a manufacturing pharmacy is not drawing up the PPD then it should be refrigerated. Any time I syringe is pre-filled out side of a clean manufacturing room it should be refrigerated to decrease the risk of infection. Unless the drug can not be refrigerated, usually drugs that can not be refrigerated can not be pre-drawn anyhow.

Actual storage information can usually be found on the manufacture's sites for each product.

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According to CDC guidance the hepatitis b vaccine series does not need to be restarted, no matter how long ago the previous dose was given. It states to give the 2nd dose now, and then the 3rd dose 2-6 months later. Also, a titer should only be done 1-2 months after completing the series. When done at longer intervals it is not accurate. The hepatitis b vaccine has an long-term immunologic memory & when the person is exposed antibodies are produced. If a titer >10 is documented the person is always considered immune. If there is no documented titer you should only get one if the employee is exposed . There is a really good information brochure available on the Immunization Action Coalition's website Type in "Hepatitis B and the Health Care Worker" in the search field and you will get the info sheet. It answers lots of questions about Hep B vaccine for occ health people. I keep them in the Employee Health office to pass out to explain the hep b series. :)

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