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:confused: My 2 1/2 yr old grandson had a large cyst remove on his neck in early Oct. It was deep and close to the vocal cord. His incision has never looked right to me. The doctor says it looked normal. Idont buy that this looks normal.The last visit he said the cyst might be coming back or it was infected. Its been lumpy and red.The scar buldges out. Then 3 wks ago it started forming puss pockets. This drains daily. Hes had 5 different antibiotics and an antib ointment applied. We demanded a culture and got an app. at childrens hospital for a 2nd oppinion. We done the culture at home like the doctor told us. The test show its just normal skin bactieria!?! The doctor gave us no future orders on what to do. His mother is at witts end with worry. Could we have not got a good culture(just puss when scab came off)? Why would a healthy child not be healed 2 months post op? Sorry so long, Just grasping for advice. Dont see the Doctor in Little Rock for 2 more weeks!! Would love some feed back. Thanx


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I would have to say that if you are concerned, the best thing to do is get the second opinon. When indoubt-ask twice. Good luck.


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:) I did get a second opinion. We went to Arkansas Childrens Hospital. Dr. Key took one look and we had to go back in. Seems if all cell aren't got first time they do not heal. His had ruptured and some was left behind. His incision looked great by 2 wks post op. Thanks for caring enough to share!

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