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Post-Masters NP Challenges?

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Hi all! I'm completely new to this forum, so please bear with me.

I've been debating getting my peds or neonatal CNS degree (long story), although my goal in the immediate future is to continue working at the bedside.

At this point in time I have no intention of becoming an NP. However, I'm still relatively early in my career, and I don't know if I'll always feel the same way.

A CNS degree with award me with an MSN as well as an advanced practice license, and I'd complete my 3 Ps. If I were to eventually pursue a post-masters NP program, it seems like this would be the ideal MSN set up.

My question is this: has anyone found that post-master NPs face unique challenges that standard NP graduates do not? I've read all about the challenges that direct-entry masters new grads can face relative to their experienced RN peers, and I wonder if post-masters NPs would experience a similar bias? Would it be a huge disadvantage to have several years pass between the MSN degree and the post-masters program?

To put it plainly: if I got a CNS degree and then pursued a post-masters NP degree several years (or even a decade) later, would I be at a disadvantage compared to someone who simply completed a traditional NP program? Any and all advice is much appreciated.

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