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Post Lap Nissen Fundo - Pain at site


Hi everyone!

Looking for some advice from some experienced nurses.

I am a nursing student which is how I know about this board. I had a Lap Choly and Lap Nissen 3 weeks ago. I have just started developing a persistent pain at the site of the wrap. I first thought it was heartburn but I have had it so frequently now that I no longer think that is what it is. I never have it when I wake up in the morning but it starts in the afternoon and persists on and off for the rest of the day. I have not taken any meds for it yet. It does not matter what I eat or if I even eat at all. I still have it. Today I accidentally lifted the vacuum cleaner for a few seconds. That got me to thinking that I was also straining for a bowel movement all last week due to constipation from the Lortab. I have since taken some MOM and got some Metamucil which is helping a little. I did still have some trouble swallowing at lunch today so I guess that is a good sign it is still in place.

I see my surgeon next week but wanted to see what everyone thought.

Could I have possibly ruptured the sutures?

Has anyone seen this happen and what are the signs and symptoms?

Otherwise, what is this pain I am experiencing. Should I try some Tylenol?




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Hi Lisa

We're sorry you are having some problems.

You need to contact your Surgeon and/or your Primary Care Provider. We at allnurses.com cannot advise you about what could be happening nor advise you about what meds to take.

Please contact your healthcare provider. We do hope this all resolves w/o further problems.

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