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Post Interview Wait... When will that call back come?!


Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I am a new grad and I just passed the NLCEX in CA in October. I recently interviewed at a hospital and I thought it went great. The interviewers kept smiling and saying "this is great", blah blah blah. So I left pretty confident.

The HR rep that was sitting in at my interview said that "I will get back to you early next week". My interview was last Wednesday, December 5. It is now the following Thursday. I sent them thank you notes the following day after my interview, and called both my interviewers yesterday to follow up on the process, but they didn't answer so I left a voicemail. They have not called me back

My question is, do I still have a chance? It has been 8 days... Surely I thought that if they were going to offer me the job I would get called by Tuesday, but now I feel that my chances are slimming with each passing day. I know that they interviewed a few other people, and there were two departments that they were looking to fill.

Does anyone have any idea when I should receive a phone call or if I even have a chance at the job still? Any insight will help...

I'm sorry about this experience. I am also waiting to hear back from interviews. Did you end up getting the job?