Yale GEPN Applicants 2013

  1. Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?
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  3. by   kdiem
    Hello! I'm also applying. I got a first draft of my personal statement out. I dreaded writing this statement the most but happy that I have one done... for now. Has anyone heard much about the Yale program? I've heard mixed reviews.
  4. by   doulalala
    I am applying for Fall 13 as well! I have heard that they have a good midwifery program (which is my major concern). I have heard that it is a really competitive program too. My advisor, where I am taking my pre-reqs, told me not to even bother applying with my GPA being so "low:" 3.8 at my first undergrad university, 3.3 at UT Austin, and 3.7 where I am now. What are your stats?
  5. by   JustD16
    I've read that they take the essay and the letters of recommendation into account and that they are given the most weight. My GPA is low and I haven't taken my GREs yet so we'll see. I'm also a tad worried because I have no research or volunteer/work experience in the health care field as of yet and don't know how to address that in my essay. I just recently made the decision to pursue nursing so I haven't had a lot of time to arrange for application boosters like shadowing or research. I actually am on leave from a master's program in teaching while I try and chase this dream. I only have two options for schools since I need a direct entry program and want to become a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife.
  6. by   the healer's art
    I really don't want to be a Women's Health NP but I do want to be a CNM. I kinda hate that they combined those programs for this year. I wonder if there is a way to only do the CNM program
  7. by   samdaman
    Hi Ya'll. I'm in the process of applying for this program too. My stats: Undergrad: 3.34. Grad school: 3.9. Nursing Pre-reqs for other community colleges for other schools: 4.0. GRE (old system): 68% verbal, 80% quantitative, 4.0 analytical. Will have 100 hrs volunteer work in the ER. Will be going down to Ecuador this Friday and help run a community health clinic for a week. Had some research experience 14 years ago in college but did get to work on the Human Genome project. Been in the Air Force for the last 6 years and spent a year deployed in the US Embassy in Baghdad. Hopefully my experience will help me get in!

    I shadowed a nurse practitioner who had a preceptor who graduated from the Yale GEPN and swore she was incompetent and would probably never hire another person from Yale's program again....so that's my personal experience of the program...but I'm thinking it just might've been that particular person who was just weak.
  8. by   JustD16
    healer's art,
    There are lots of programs that just offer CNM. In fact, only two schools offer both as a combined master's program. So you might want to check those out.
  9. by   JustD16
    And, samdaman, I think it's probably safe to say with those credentials, you'll be getting in. Way to make me even more worried about the competition. I have no experience let alone any that compares to yours!
  10. by   samdaman
    well, I couldn't even get an interview with University of Illinois Chicago for 2013 cohort...I'm thinking it's because one of my recommenders totally did a 1/2 a$$ job of a recommendation, but I'll never know.
  11. by   JustD16
    UIC is the only other school I'm applying to (it's the only other GEP program with a dual WHNP/CNM program). I'm really anxious about this whole process and just hoping my passion shows through in my essay.
  12. by   JustD16
    I should have said UIC is the only other dual program I meet the requirements for right now (and they're my top choices, coincidentally enough). I'll be taking all my pre-reqs next year so they won't be done in time for deadlines for schools like UCSF.
  13. by   Brielle_88
    Hi Everyone,

    Any idea how tough it is to get into this program? (How many people apply? What percentage get in?) I'm applying, but I think it might be a bit of a long shot. I have had some great experience in global health, but i'm seriously lacking in science classes and clinical research experience. I have a about 2 typical pre-reqs completed (though Yale doesn't officially require them, correct?) So I'm applying, but no idea if I'll get in.

    Are one of the tracks easier than others? I would like to apply for Family, but my guess is that that might be one of the toughest...
  14. by   atomicgirl
    Hey guys!

    I am also applying for GEPN 2013. What is everyone's choice of specialty? Is anyone having trouble with the flow of their essay? Where else are you guys applying? I'm applying to 7 schools total but Yale is definitely my top choice! A few years ago I applied to Seattle U's APNI program and was waitlisted and never got in. I heard it was a competitive year but still...that really hurt my confidence.