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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

  1. by   dn26
    Hi atomicgirl, Yale is my top choice, and the only school where I applied to. It's definitely where I'd want to be for the next few years and the campus, resources and faculty sound pretty awesome. I like Yale's proximity to NYC and the clinical resources shared with the medical and public health school, and the highly-rated graduate and PhD programs. And reaching New Haven a few days early is a good idea - January weather in CT is pretty unpredictable!

    I have no idea how interviewers will assess candidates this year, and this is my first graduate school interview, so I'm excited and nervous. It should all be for the best for all of us I hope!
  2. by   jpdx
    I'm interviewing in person for CNM on January 24th. I'm hoping to spend the night of the 23rd with a current student--anyone else sign up for that? From reading last year's forum, it sounds like Yale interview/orientation day is a great experience. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I only applied to three programs (Yale, Columbia, and OHSU) and if I'm lucky enough to get into more than one, I honestly don't know how I'll choose!
  3. by   InfirmiereJolie
    I know someone who got into the physician assistant program from my college. Your posts sound accurate
  4. by   SaintlyJ
    Hello! I just graduated this December with a BSN and am interested in applying to Yale for their MSN Family Nurse Practitioner program, on a part-time basis. According to their website, the rolling admissions deadline is March 1st, however it seems as though interview slots are already decided for the GEPN counterparts. Would it still be useful to apply anyway, or would all of the FNP slots be taken up during the interviews? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. by   kdub2
    Hi all,

    Just stumbled upon this thread. I used to be a member of Allnurses.com a LONG time ago- probably when I was in your shoes. I graduated from Yale PNP program a few years ago- and let me just say that I received the best education and clinical experience that one could ever had. I can't say much about other specialties, but as a PNP grad from YSN, I know my money was well spent.

    Good luck to you all; and if you ever have any questions, feel free to message me. I may not check this religiously, but when I do, I will try my best to reply.
  6. by   kpinkertonlloyd
    CNM candidate here... I too hope to stay with a student. Took the advice and am arriving the 29th in case of snow. I am from Cali and hope I am adequately prepared for my visit by bringing rainboots, gloves, and some coats. I have never been to the east coast before nor have I spent much time in the cold. But I guess I should worry about other things...like the interview! I do not know anyone who has gone to a grad school interview before. How are others preparing? Thanks!
  7. by   rgracevn
    Hi, I've just joined the thread. My interview is on the 31st and I just found out that I won't be able to stay with a current student as I had hoped. Is there anyone who is in the same position who would like to split a hotel room? They seem to be out of my price range especially as I've already spent a good amount on a plane ticket from Oregon.
  8. by   dn26
    Anybody interested in meeting for a drink/meal after the interviews on January 24 or 25?
  9. by   atomicgirl
    My interview's on Feb 1st. Anyone wanna get together that night for dinner??
  10. by   lmar1424
    Hi all,
    I've been reading the thread for a while, but just created an account. My interview is Friday and I am so nervous!! I'm wondering what the "orientation" part of the day consists of...is it a tour, info sessions, meetings with students/faculty? Anyone know what to expect?
  11. by   atomicgirl
    I just wanted to wish everyone with interviews tomorrow GOOD LUCK!
  12. by   atomicgirl
    So those who have had interviews already, can you give any tips or pointers? It'd be much appreciated, thank you!!
  13. by   feminista_siempre
    It seems like everyone I spoke to last Thursday had different interview experiences - even for the same specialty. Mine was just a conversation. Very informal. I've been to four interviews so far (UPenn, Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Yale) and this one was possibly the most laid back. Don't be nervous. They are very prepared and already know your background, essays, letters, C.V. ect. Just be yourself and show what you are passionate about.