Yale GEPN and UCSF MEPN interview days the same!

  1. Help! Good news in abundance brings dilemma!

    I've been invited to interview at both Yale and UCSF for their direct-entry midwifery programs. (I live in SF). Unfortunately, their day-long interview days are the same - January 19th.

    Does anyone know if there is wiggle room to re-schedule interviews? What will I miss if I miss the day-long event? Should I ask UC if I can spread the info over a couple of visits since I live here, or should I ask Yale if I can either re-schedule a private interview session or do it at a distance? Does it suggest a lack of interest to skip one or the other?

    Any advice or experience?
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  3. by   lovingpecola
    It is my understanding that Yale has more than one interview day, I would call and ask if another one is available. I'm surprised the schools are conducting interviews on the same day...but even if there is another day available, I believe they are very close to eachother, so you may still have to catch a plane the next day, either way.

    But having said that, there are people who did phone interviews and still were accepted!

    I hear that UCSF is more competitive (people at Yale applied and were denied admission there, and it seems at least a third of our class is from CA) so they'd probably be less "happy" if you weren't able to come, but that's just my guess.

    Call Yale first, see what they say. Can you PM me your interviewer's name? It might help me give better advice...
  4. by   AK556 APRN
    The fact that Yale does phone interviews kind of tells you everything you need to know.
  5. by   Asherah
    Uhh...this thread is six months old, its all said and done.