Which route is quicker to get an MSN?

  1. Which route is fastest to get an MSN? My goal is to become an CPNP and specialize in oncology. Im getting my ADN first though because its quickest for me right now. Is completeing an ADN to MSN faster (I know I need at least one year of experience, I think I will do med-surg) or is completeing my ADN then RN-BSN and then MSN quicker? I do have a lot of gen ed courses out of the way for a BSN, but I know I will need to complete some science classes and a few other classes. I would get a BSN right now, but unfortunatley in the state I live in there is not a good BSN program near me, I would have to move 2 hours away to get a BSN and I cannot afford that at all. Any input would be great! Thanks!
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