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Hi everyone! I'm wondering where all the Direct Entry students are? Perhaps you are all swamped this semester, and unable to chat, but I'm getting ready to start my prereqs and need a little... Read More

  1. by   patrick1rn
    Wow, I didnt realize you all got to offended by my opinion. No mean to offend anyone who is in the DE program. All I meant is NPs should have some clinical experience as a RN before going into a NP program.
  2. by   Kensington

    I'm sure you were just sharing your opinion, and I'm sure your intention was completely innocent, however, I started this topic as a way for Direct-Entry students to chat with each other, and hopeful DE students to ask questions of them. For those of us who are DE students, or want to be, we get tired of hearing how people think we should have RN experience before going straight into the NP program (which they do get plenty of experience, and many choose to work for a little while before entering the masters portion, but I digress). My point here is that if you would like to discuss your opinions on this topic further, feel free to start your own post, or add to the ones that currently exist.

    We all want to be APNs, and there are many paths to get there. I wish more RNs accepted this!