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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   rainkissedleaves
    I am applying to Western U and other schools as well. UIC is one of them and its my first choice. I will be moving to Chicago right after I graduate in May 2013. Attending UIC then (for the Jan 2014) would be a nice way to begin my stay in Illinois! Apart from UIC, I am also applying to Rush, De Paul, Loyola and Millikin in Illinois
  2. by   ucefrain
    Hello everyone! I am glad I was able to find this thread. Like a couple of people on here I also applied last year and was placed on the alternate list. I know for a fact that if it wasn't for last year's thread I would have definitely freaked out. So I would like to thank Maseca for starting that thread and also for caring enough and returning to check up on us . I was wondering if any of the people who were chosen as alternates received some kind of denial or rejection letter/email? Well, that is it for now but I hope that this thread grows like last time and I wish all of us on this one the best of luck! If anyone has any questions feel free.
  3. by   BlueEyes85
    Ucefrain, I was wondering the same thing! It stated in our interview packet that we would recieve something but I never did either...
  4. by   ucefrain
    Hey Blueeyes i remember reading it somewhere also and that is why I was confused when the months passed by and no notice. I guess I just wanted "closure" But anyways, I am excited for this year and I have left the past in the past. I have to say it was a great learning experience!
  5. by   rainkissedleaves
    Hi and welcome to the thread, Ucefrain!

    What was something different that you did this application cycle compared to last years? If you don't mind sharing
  6. by   ucefrain
    Hello Kritkat and thanks! So that was something that had me really troubled when it came time to apply again. I wasn't sure what I needed to "fix" since I had gotten into the alternate list. So, I decided to call Western and ask them what I could do different. Their answer was reassuring because they said that not much needed to be changed. The major changes I made was mainly my letters of recommendation, minor changes to my personal statement and the time of application. I am not sure if these changes alone are going to be enough to get me into the program this time around and that has me worried because now it is too late to change anything but I am hopeful that this time around I will be somewhat more competitive. I hope this answers your question and if not let me know
  7. by   vballtrumpeter
    Hey y'all, just found this thread! I'm currently applying to Western, MGHIH, Yale, and Samuel Merritt for fall 2013. I live and work in Texas, but would like to be back on one of the coasts (CA native). The minuscule amount of students accepted to these programs has me, admittedly, freaked out. All my apps are in now, so I suppose all I can do is go about life and pray/hope for the best! My undergrad GPA was WAY less than amazing, but thankfully my prereq grades have been good. I wish they would take a look at my TEAS or GRE scores, too (asked them already, and they said no lol).

    I'll be checking on this thread from time to time to see if anyone's heard from the admissions office (e.g. interview invites). Good luck y'all!
  8. by   ucefrain
    Hey vballtrumpeter welcome to the forum! I hope everyone is doing great. I just noticed that today is the deadline to apply to the program so that's exciting! Well, just wanted to post something in order to keep this forum alive Last year there was a lot more people in the forum I hope people keep participating. Maybe things will get somewhat more busy when interviews get closer!
  9. by   BeesMama
    Turned in everything and am hoping that my application is strong! Here's to waiting!
  10. by   kaolla56
    Hello all!

    I'm also a WesternU applicant and playing the waiting game. Does anyone know when we'll get notified about interviews?
  11. by   BlueEyes85
    Welcome Kaolla! Last year we found out during January and February. Although our application deadline was earlier this year and we didn't have to deal with NursingCas so maybe we'll hear earlier this time?! Crossing fingers!
  12. by   BeesMama
    From everything that I have read from the past couple of years, people have found out in January. It would be nice if it was sooner though! I am hoping for an interview!
  13. by   BeesMama
    From everything that I have read from the past couple of years, people have found out in January.  It would be nice if it was sooner though!  I am hoping for an interview!