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Checking to see if there are any current or recent graduates from Walden University for MSN in Education. Can you give me the pro's and cons. I would greatly appreciate it. For those of you that... Read More

  1. by   suni
    cost of a course?
  2. by   lepew
    NOt sure what the individual course cost is, but it is 20,000 if you are ADN-Msn program, and 16,000 if you are BSN-MSN [program. THis includes all books and tuition etc.
  3. by   viranimehboob
    Hi I am planning to apply for MSN education program. I see a lot of negative remarks Abt University and faculty. Can somebody tell me how is the program, anybody who is currently attending program. Please.
    Also tell me how are the assignments, paper and quiz.
    Please help me before I get in.
  4. by   viranimehboob
    Hi when you will start the program was it difficult to get in
  5. by   viranimehboob
    this question is for RNPTL

    Hi the course is 33 hurs credit. you did full time or part time and how re the quizes and assignments work.