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Hey all, It's been kinda quiet this year in terms of applicants getting together and expressing their mutual frustration at having to wait so long to hear from the school of their dreams! From... Read More

  1. by   Kevn2bNP
    I'm still waiting too, cozzy66

    Hoping you hear good news when it finally gets to you! I live in DC, and our mail has to be snooped through before we can see it
  2. by   moi-moi
    Hi Everyone, Congratulations to all those who got in! I'm new to this whole posting thing, but I just got my acceptance letter in the mail last night and I'm so excited that I thought that I would give it a try.

    I live in Los Angeles, so the letters have reached the west coast already.

    Congratulations again to everyone who already got in! :roll
  3. by   anniepants
    i actually got a call from yale today...

    good news
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  4. by   BeaconStreet
    I called today and was told that letters would be going out by the end of this week! Good luck!
  5. by   BeaconStreet
    What time did they call you? Will you be headed to New Haven?
  6. by   Kevn2bNP
    I also got a phone call (voicemail).

    According to the caller, the letters will be arriving next week.

    Congrats , anniepants!
  7. by   BeaconStreet
    Did anyone else not get a call? I'm getting nervous...
  8. by   Kurlyz26
    I didn't get a call either...I'm nervous too!! I had no idea that they made phone calls and informed people over the phone! Oye!
  9. by   anniepants
    thanks congrats to you, kevn!!

    they called me around 4pm eastern time.

    i'm not sure where i'll be headed yet...there are so many factors to consider!
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  10. by   Kurlyz26
    Yeah! Good news today! feeeeeeeew!
  11. by   anniepants
    congrats!!!! :spin:
  12. by   BlueJune
    I got my phone call today as well! Congrats to everyone!
  13. by   akmoz
    Quote from IntlNurse2Be
    One of my recommendation letters was left out of the envelope when it was sent to Yale which caused my application to be considered late (the person who sent in the letter took a month to re-send). So, I am in the second round of potential candidates - I have heard that IF there are openings - I know that is highly unlikely - but if there are, then we will receive interview notices sometime in February.

    Thank you for the help - it is nice to see everyone looking out for each other. This is yet another reason why I know I have made the right decision in becoming a nurse!

    I've seen your posts before May_baby. Did you have your interview yesterday?
    Intl Nurse,

    Did you ever find out if there was space in the second round?? I just wonder because that is what happened to me also and I am so sad and just hoping that they will consider my application. Any advice would be SO helpful!